Eric's Frog Hat Pattern

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Originally created for Eric, who loves frogs. The original pattern was knit predominantly in 100% alpaca, dk weight yarn, and was knit tightly for a small circumference skull cap.

The pattern linked here should fit large child up to women's medium head sizes as a skull cap. Add 4 rows (four above and four below the frog chart) for a more traditional length hat. Add stitches between each frog repeat (one stitch per repeat is 9 extra stitches or about 4cm added to the circumference).

Frog chart is 12 stitches by 24 rows including border striping. Frog only is 12 stitches by 14 rows.

Update 20090105: This pattern is now available through Ravelry as well as a free download.

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Published December 29, 2008
Pattern last updated: February 3, 2009
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